Made my first serious Remix

I’ve been in this music game for years now , and i’d never done a remix , but i’ve heard a track lately that I just felt compelled to do , because its stunning.

I’m talking about Northcapes’  “Clear Moment” from His excellent “Captured from Static” album. Every so often , i’ll hear a track that is so cleverly simple and sublimely beautiful  , and i think ” wish i’d wrote that ” and I suppose doing a remix of it is the next best thing.

I asked Northcape if He’d be interested in letting me make an alternative version , and He went one better by making a remix competition , with the winning tracks to feature on a free EP released by His label

I’m pleased to say my track will feature on the EP , released on

Sun Sea Sky Productions

If you’d like to hear the remix , click [here]

( alternatively , it’ll be on my music player over the page  )

I’d like to do more remixes in the future because I really enjoyed the process and it was a lotta fun to work on someone elses material instead of my own all the time , especially when they tell you how much they enjoyed it.

One response to “Made my first serious Remix

  1. Very happy to see a 2nd mouse contribution. Alastair shared your other work and it is quite impressive. Just now listening to the remix….can’t wait to see the list of collaborators and get this into the hands of willing listeners! Many thanks.


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