Aurora Relaunch

Here’s a sneak peek of the relaunch of my latest album ” Aurora

It’ll be released both digitally , and physically from 28th June

This is a sneak preview of the player which will have links to all the major online stores such as iTunes , Spotify , Amazon , etc…….



The MOUSEterplan

About a month ago , I came very very close to quitting , for many various reasons which I won’t go into here. Suffice to say , it’s no longer enough just to make music , as these days so many other skills need to be honed in order to make any kind of impact at all. Between combinations of this and other various irritants , i’d reached a point where I was ready to throw in the towel and go get a mind-numbing job in tesco , and die cradling my golden clock.

But………I didnt count on what happened next.

To cut a long story short , I’ve been signed to a label who will promote me , and my new album ” Aurora ” is queued up to be sold in 200 online shops , in 240 countries worldwide , with a complete redesign of the cover artwork , a press pack and local DJs waiting for it to drop , and who can get it played on Radio 1 , and ” Aurora ” is also lined up for use with a ” sync ” company with ties to the big league in L.A.

Not to mention , brand new opportunities to play live to a crowd of 500 for a first gig , and 3000 for the second , with a professional photographer willing to take some stunning shots of it all.

What happens next is anyones guess………

I always believed something would happen and it was just a matter of time , but adversity wore me down , like waves on rock , and i found that the endless source of determination i thought i had , was finite and exhaustible afterall.

They always say that the night is darkest just before the dawn , and i really never expected all this to happen in quite the way it has done.

In the space of 3 weeks , when I least expected it to happen , it happened.

If you reach the point where you seriously just want to pack it all in , make allowances for the impossible to manifest itself.

Dont give up !!


Botanic Media




I’m 2 weeks into a 12 week placement at Botanic Media , and I’m learning a lot about the music industry in general , and also about local networking in the Belfast music scene.

Botanic Media function as a cd duplication business mainly , but are quickly expanding their reach and  becoming a multi-tasking behemoth regarding the emerging new music strategies , taking on music and events management ( bringing Ozric tentacles to Belfast for instance) and promoting local bands on the cusp of great things such as Mojo Fury and Kasper Rosa ( both of whom i will be remixing in the next few weeks ) and  , even extending into the digital distribution market with their label  — Cupboard Love Records.

2ndMOUSE is in his element , surrounded by creative and artistic people who are keen to network and play to their strengths , and I think the next 10 weeks will be crucial to the development as 2ndMOUSE as an artist , as i learn more about the thriving belfast music scene , and finding out the next part of the journey as i set about playing live and building “grasroots” support .

I can say with authority that Botanic Media are right in the thick of it and will be central to the tidal wave of upcoming new talent here and I’m very fortunate to be in the middle of it , watching it happen , and being a part of it.

Very Exciting times for teh MOUSE !!!

The secret of dis-association

I’d just like to state , for the record , that i’ve been using the name 2ndMOUSE for at least 8 years now , and the fact that an artist called deadmau5 has appeared out of the woodwork is no reflection on why i chose the name.
My reasons for the name 2ndMOUSE are clear HERE , and its clear that i’m not trying to cash in on his name , or jump onto his bandwagon. Our 2 styles are completely different.

I wont change my name because that would be admitting defeat. However , after discussions with other musicians , i’ve decided to not put all the focus entirely upon the 2ndMOUSE name , but diversify with side projects under different monikers and psuedonyms , that will all link back to here , so its clear that its 2ndMOUSE who’s behind it.

I’d prefer not to have to do it this way , but i dont want to be tarred with the deadmau5 brush , and deadmau5 , if you happen to be reading this , i’ve nothing against you personally……..just trying to create distance between our 2 apparently similar names.

So , new psuedonyms , but its difficult to come up with words / names that are unique and havent been used already. I may have to invent a new word to make sure its unique.

Countdown to Launch . . . . .

2ndMOUSE is going live very very soon.
I’m both massively excited and equally terrified , moreso because of all the horror stories about the possibility of things going pear-shaped and standing in front of a bemused crowd just wanting to crawl under a rock if the technology goes belly up in the middle of a live set.

As soon as i get this baby , in a few weeks , i’m gonna jump right in and play play play.

Its called a Novation Launchpad , and although , ideally , i’d love a Monome or a JazzMutant Lemur , they are really pricey and the Launchpad will serve my purposes adequately for now at least , plus , I’m a sucker for flashing lights and that’ll look the part to the audience.

I’d never really contemplated playing live , because , to say my tracks are complicated , is an understatement. There’s a ton of processing going on behind the scenes……a bit like a swan…..all serene and calm on the surface , but paddling like blazes beneath the surface.

I’m not the kinda person who could just stand on stage and press play , and look like i’m checking my emails on stage , so i’ve always said that if I do this , I want it to be authentic…….a performance.
It’ll take a few gigs under my belt before I feel completely comfortable with it , but i’m just really excited about getting out there and engaging with the fans on that primal level , learning how my music is received in a live concept , and just getting my hands dirty.

Also considering getting a load of T-shirts printed , with the 2ndMOUSE logo on , but its all budget related so it may not happen initially.

There’ll be projections going on too , and it’ll all be promoted by Botanic Media / Cupboard Love Records and everything , at last , is starting to slot into some kind of order to me now.

All in all , very exciting times ahead !!