EL Torino

New track up called ” EL Torino “. Again , because I have such a huge backlog ( read conveyor belt ) of tracks that are at various stages of completion , this is an old track thats laid around for a long time. In a folder , that i’ve named ” Work Pool ” , I have a number system………..1 , is a single pattern……2 , is quarter-finished………3 , is half finished……….4 , is finished but the mix and production need looked at , and 5 , is complete and is for tracks i’m completely happy with. There are hundreds ;  to the point that I can work on about 100 tracks at any given time , and I work on them until the inspiration dries up in that particular session , and then it could be a week , a month or a year until I pick up the baton again.

” EL Torino ” is one such track , and was half-finished for a long time , possibly 8 years or more , but i’ve learned after 10 years at least of doing this , that inspiration is full of surprises. If Inspiration was personified  , I’d envisage it as a lady , who sometimes won’t talk to you and is dry , while at other times is playful , teasing and flirtatious. Inspiration is always exciting and spontaneous. Its a spark…..a catalyst that ignites the imagination.

What I was trying to convey with ” EL Torino ” was a vision of a deserted mexican ghost town , where the bell on the little church was ringing because of the wind that carved up the dust-devils and blew the dust and the tumbleweeds in the near distance. Then , add to that , the haunting sound of those desert guitars and the old lady dressed in black , with her impossibly lined face , watching you as you slowly walk through her little town . I basically trawled through years of memories , most from my childhood , hearing the sounds in the old spaghetti westerns , and the feelings associated with those sounds , trying to evoke a track that contained it all.

Until today , it was actually called ” Differential 2 ” , because I’ll often call my tracks the first thing that comes into my head , simply to get them saved before the PC crashes. It was renamed ” EL Torino ” just today , 5 minutes before I uploaded it . It was almost called EL Paso till i remembered it was the name of a mexican food supplier , so I knew EL had to be part of the name because it was mexican and that was what I’d envisaged from the outset.

The little melodic synth riff was actually centre-stage when the track started its final , but when the bassline , which exudes a certain mexican flavour , and then the guitars , worked their way into the track note by note  , it started to take more and more of a back seat , but even before that , there were 2 or 3 entirely different melodies which i completely scrapped , because , again , i’ve learned that ” ya can’t polish a turd ” , and if the idea makes me think ” meh………” , I scrap it immediately rather than working and working at it and trying to drag something sublime out of something that just isn’t there. Its important for me to feel something from what I’m making , otherwise there’s no point.

If you’d like to hear the track , here it is

EL Torino

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