Northcape – Clear Moment Remixes EP

Really excited about the release of  ” Northcape – clear moment remixed EP ” on Tuesday 5th October.

Yes , I have a track on it , but even if I didnt , I’d still want to help promote this because i’ve heard it in its entirety , and its an incredible piece of music , and for a free release its been mastered to a very high quality finish.

This really is one you wont want to miss !!!

Northcape- Clear Moment Remixed EP

Confirmed Tracklisting

1) Clear Moment (Metaphysical Mix by 2ndmouse)

2) Clear Moment (Zeropage Mix)

3) Clear Moment (Autorotation Remix)

4) Clear Moment (emorej Remix)

5) Clear Moment (Distant Fires Burning Remix)

6) Clear Moment (eyes cast down Mix)

7) Clear Moment (Absorb Fish Remix)

Artist Details


Remix Credits: 2ndMOUSE



Bio: The music of 2ndMOUSE is about the fusing together of emotion and technology, and its heart lies in the roots of Detroit techno and Kraftwerk. It’s a deliberate attempt to bring together the polar opposites of soul and microchip in a symbiotic way to make poignant and evocative journeys into territories most dance music won’t go.


Remix Credits: Zeropage

Bio: Zeropage are the two producers Stefan Fuhrer and Frédéric Arneberg from Bern, Switzerland. They have a chilled yet bright and melodic sound incorporating both instrumental and classic electronic elements. The duo started in the early 80’s, sold a few thousand CDs in the 90’s, did music for film, dance and jazz in 2000. Nowadays, they meet several times a month to experiment with sounds. With their long time experience in creating electronic music, their “jam sessions” often end in fully produced songs.


Remix Credits: music, vocals and lyrics by Autorotation

Bio: London based Autorotation blur the lines between several genres of music from electronica to shoegaze while avoiding being pigeonholed into any one category. Since forming, the group has released three albums and several singles on TeknoStan Records, Comfortstand Recordings, Periphery Records and TMBase. Autorotation performed live in the UK, Canada and Europe, sharing the stage with acts such as Styrofoam, Solvent, Rechenzentrum and Schneider TM.


Remix Credits: emorej



Bio: Emorej makes a variety of electronic music. He is influenced by a lot of styles. Although the music cuts across the different genres, one key element in most of emorej’s sound is the melody.

Distant Fires Burning

Remix Credits: Distant Fires Burning



Bio: Gert De Meester (born may 17 1977), who is also known as the former bass player of the world-fusion-funk combo The Seven Laws of Woo and knob twiddler of The Mental Attack, 2?? and Distant Fires Burning, lives in Mechelen, Belgium. In 2007 Gert started to experiment more with ambient. He was asked to make the soundtrack of a commercial for the brand “Kinto”. At the same time he began to make an ambient album, because the genre drew his attention more. He renamed himself “Distant Fires Burning” just to state the difference with the more beat-oriented work by “The Mental Attack”. In 2008 he self-released the CD “Messierobjekten” as “Distant Fires Burning”. In 2009 he released the CDR “7 Sisters” and on April 14 2010, U-Cover Records releases the third album by Distant Fires Burning, “Build on Me”, on it’s sub label U-Cover CDR Limited.

eyes cast down

Remix Credits: eyes cast down



Bio: eyes cast down began his ambient/atmospheric musical explorations in  2005. Using guitars, synths, percussion, singing bowls, voices, samples & loops, he seeks to create personal and contemplative musical  spaces. He also has a trio project, Keshava-Lila. The first solo and  trio albums are both nearing completion.

Absorb Fish

Remix Credits: Absorb Fish

Website: or

Bio: Absorb Fish is an American electronic artist from Boston, MA. His sound could be described by ambient experimental electronics but often fusing various genres such as industrial, hip hop, broken beats, and downtempo. Over the years, he has contributed music to 3bass Records, Project 168, Artificial Bliss Recordings, and SKP Recordings.  His most recent release “Frenetic”, a dark electro fused EP, was released January 2010 on SKP Recordings.

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