Alive and Kicking

Been a while since I updated this , and basically , I’ve spent most of the last month trying not to die.

First , shockingly , I was diagnosed with Pnuemonia , which was bad enough , but just as I was getting shot of that , I went to A & E with what I though was Chronic Indigestion ( or trapped wind around the Diaphragm ).

I was given an aspirin as the nurses wanted to rule out angina or heart problems. No-one knew that aspirin would almost kill me as half an hour later, after an ambulance ride to the main hospital ,  it brought about an anaphylactic shock / bronchiospasm. My immune system reacted to the aspirin as if it was an invading virus and it started closing my lungs and throat down , and for an hour I was in , what I can only describe as Hell , breathing with 1% of my lung capacity. I have never been so terrified , so powerless. What i went through , I wouldn’t have wished on hitler. I suffocated for an hour , somewhere between life and death. I remember thinking how quiet it was , like how they say it is in the eye of a tornado. It was bad. I was a passenger.

I’m not afraid to say that I prayed , and I believe I’m only still here because of Divine intervention because i reached the stage where i was fighting this thing for an hour , and i physically just couldnt do it anymore. I remember thinking ” This is it………this is the point where i’ll exhale my last breath , or my heart will pack in from the strain “. I remember thinking ” ok , i give in ……..what do i do now… i just relax and let it happen ? ” When it came down to it , I didnt know HOW to die. I was on automatic pilot.

So…….I’m still here and i have a newfound appreciation for life , which i’ve been taking for granted for a while now , not exercising , eating crap , smoking , drinking , awake all night and asleep all day. As terrifying as all this was , I see the whole experience  with complete positivity because it was a wake-up call and I’m grateful for it. Habits creep in little by little and before we know it , we look at the tangled web we have weaved and its complex to untangle , but in one fell swoop , the foundations and the architecture of my life have changed forever. I feel reborn.

When you go through a near-death experience , the simple smell of a tree as you’re walking past it , or just being able to see the waves or feel the breeze on your face becomes something profoundly amazing and beyond words. My focus and my priorities have totally changed , and I know this will come across in the music I make from hereon in.

We never realize what we have until its gone.

Still here.

More aware than ever.



Fwonk*s celebrating its fiftieth release in a big way with their  biggest ever compilation, full of new, rare and unreleased tracks by members (old and new) of the forum. Then, as if that were not enough they present four exclusive mixes representing the cream of Fwonk*s output, mixed by Heskin Radiophonic, Total Cult, Vasko The Pig and Katarrhaktes. In total we present nearly six full hours of music for your listening pleasure, and to top it all off, they present a stylish CD booklet in PDF format.

01 Ytrebygda Flyveklubb Gaa Med Gud
02 Katarrhaktes The Solipsist’s nightmare
03 Bachelor Machines Fatal Error
04 Kobra Audio Labs Lee Marvin (extended mix)
05 Robin Smith All Along The Watchtower (bachelor machines remix)
06 The Ambient Society Day Out Of Time
07 2ndMouse Agent Brimstone
08 Vasko The Pig ELTEE
09 Stratosonics Attack, Monster Kabuki, Attack!
10 Gross Prophet Cause Of Death
11 Turtuga Blanku Guitar Electronics
12 Limb-Bow Before The Flood
13 Hectic Raygun
14 Styli Out Of Nowhere (vasko the pig remix)
15 Kobra Audio Labs Coke Oven (totalcult remix)
16 we are not broken Bodies
17 Venona Pers Lost Souls (echosonic remix)
18 themuru blah
19 Organic Shift Man Diddly Cortex
20 Fudgedubnofunk Twonk
21 Sa’ad Noises
22 Quiggers 32Hex, It’s That Damn Number Again!
23 tOtALcuLt If I Had A Mind
24 Per Swim
25 2ndMouse Lost In Translation
26 Limb-Bow Can’t Find My Dog
27 The Ambient Society Phantasm
28 Kobra Audio Labs American Teeth (dumb hero drone)
29 Heskin Radiophonic Leather Adrenalin
30 3timesnothing Light From Long Dead Stars


Download from :


or preview  tracks , AND download from



Northcape — Clear Moment ( The remixes )


The wait is over , and the Northcape Remix EP I’ve been excited about is finally released today.

As you can see ,  my interpretation / mix is on there , and yeah , obviously I’m keen to let people know , BUT , Its just a great release in its entirety and has not only a great diversity in the variety of sound , and the angles that Northcapes original track has been approached from  , but it also has such a great flow. Its the first such collaboration / compilation I’ve been involved in , and is the first serious attempt at a remix that I’ve done , and I would never have considered approaching Northcape about remixing the track if it wasn’t such an incredible track to begin with.

Anyway…… it is………


1. Northcape — Clear moment ( Metaphysical mix by 2ndMOUSE )

2. Northcape — Clear moment ( Zeropage mix )

3. Northcape — Clear moment ( Autorotation remix )

4. Northcape — Clear moment ( Emorej remix )

5. Northcape — Clear Moment ( Eyes Cat Down mix )

7. Northcape — Clear Moment ( Absorb Fish remix )

seven radically different approaches to a very sublime and very special track. Expect a high quality release with some stunning and very evocative atmospheres.

You can listen to the tracks and also get the FREE download , here