2ndMOUSE live @ MYNT ( Belfast ) 29.05.2011

First time playing at MYNT , and starting to find my feet with performing live. Only the 3rd time i’ve played live. It wasn’t a huge crowd , but it was a warm , friendly crowd , who were there to have a good night , and to me thats better. Many thanks to Gammy , Paul Acroplane , Jamie Nevin , the DJs from Pressure , Clem + Marta , The MYNT organizers , all the people from ONE , and Otis Groovebox , for making it such a memorable night for me.

Special mention to the girl with pink hair who was showing me her elbow for some unknown reason as I was playing. She was truly there to party  =)

Everyone else played some blinding sets too. I was chillin with a beer on a leather sofa after I played , and it was like being strapped to a cement mixer. Great sound system.

Brilliant wee night , and I’m looking forward to the next night , which I think will be in the mighty Queens University on July 16th.

For those who couldn’t make it , Here is the full mix , and this is basically what I did on the night , but recorded at home. Fill your boots !!!

2ndMOUSE LIVE @ MYNT ( Belfast ) 29th May 2011

New Album Update

Just an update on the progress of  “Expert Tiger Mediocre Troll”

I’m currently working on 15 tracks. I always like to put as many tracks on an album as I can , but I think I’ll maybe only limit the album to 12 tracks , so the others will either be given away as a free EP to anyone who buys the album , or , they’ll find a place on a future release.

You may know if you’ve been following what I do , that I recently played a few live Gigs. This has really changed my perspective on what I produce , and this album is a watershed for me. It’ll still have what i’m told is “that unique 2ndMOUSE trademark sound” , but even for me , this is gonna be very special , and I’m resisting the urge to give away any sneak previews of the new tracks , ( apart from what is out there in beta form already ) , until the day its released.

Aurora was a good album , and it stretched me so much , because , at the time , I was maxing out what skills I had and pushing boundaries in terms of production. For me then , it was like trying to break the sound barrier , but , since then , I’ve learned so much more , from playing live and seeing people dance to my music , so I’m approaching this new album in a totally different way. Its more robust. Its much more phat , chunky , and danceable , but the main difference is that I’m really taking care to deliver something of quality , and that involves putting every sound , every beat , every riff , under the microscope , and not just “settling” for something if it almost works , but not quite.  I’m confident this new album will rasie eyebrows.

I’m raising my game.

So far , the tracks I’ve earmarked for inclusion on ” Expert tiger……” are as follws  :


Emissary ( working title only )


Give my regards to S.P.E.C.T.R.E

Domino ( click HERE to play a beta version )

Hidden in plain Sight ( click HERE to play a beta version )

Elevator Supersense

Robotique ( working title only as it contains Vocoders )

Short Circuit ( again , working title only )

White keys he laugh , Black keys he cry


Homeless Onion


Strontium Dogs

Those are the tracks I’m working on. As i said  , a few won’t make it onto the actual album proper. Maybe less is more……..I think the others will be an exclusive freebie for the faithful ( A password will be needed to download them ). I may do it through my mailing list , so if you’re not on it , feel free to add your name to ensure you don’t miss out on it.

I’ve Given myself a self-imposed deadline of the end of June to get the album finished.

Keep it locked here for further updates as release day draws closer……..