2 new videos


I used to draw pencil portraits for cash before I decided I’d rather create something original , than just copy something , and I haven’t picked up a pencil in years. I’ve always been interested in the visually creative side of things as well as my obsession with sonic creativity , so putting some videos together was inevitable , and although they are not as good as i’d like technically ( due to the graphics engine in my machine ) , there’s enough there to get the gist of what i was trying to do.

This First one ” In you I’m complete ” is a track from my 2010 album ” Aurora “. Its one of the few tracks I can listen to repeatedly and still absolutely love. There’s a lot of depth in it melodically and emotionally , and I think personally that its one of the best tracks I’ve ever made. Out of all the tracks I’ve made over the last 10 years , this is the one that still gives me goosebumps. If you can , strap on a set of headphones and crank it up. You won’t be disappointed !!

The second one , ” UsuryVille ” has , judging by the downloads , been a firm favourite for a while on soundcloud , and although its about 7 or 8 years old now , seemed like a good choice for a video. I often find it weird that the tracks I think are my best , are generally missed , while the ones that were almost thrown together on a whim , get more interest. I think this is common to most artists , and I view it with some bemusement. It still hangs together well considering its age though.

Looks like the links are playin up…………..view the videos HERE