2nd submission for Bleep

Was a very difficult decision.

Which of the many tracks i’ve already uploaded to Soundcloud , and the hundreds of tracks that I have in my “work pool ” folder , could I submit to Bleep as my 2nd track ?

An opportunity like this doesn’t come around every day , so I narrowed it dow to two , and put the question to the public……Should I use ” Lost in Translation ” or ” The Almighty” ?

It turned out ” The Almighty ” was the favourite , and out of all my tracks , it’s been a clear favourite since dau 1.

So that’s it. Made my decision for both my submissions. I’ve done the best I could do at this time. I don’t envy the judges’ task of deciding which of the 1500 submitted tracks get a place on the compilation , but I’m happy I gave it my best shot , whatever the outcome.

The Almighty

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