A Shift in Focus

Just a quick update to let you know I haven’t run off and abandoned my Blog.

After the release of ” Expert Tiger , Mediocre Troll ” , I’ve found it a bit difficult to get started again. There were big domestic changes in my life such as relocating my studio and adapting to life in a completely new place , but besides those changes , there seems to be a need within , to break away from old music , and concentrate on completely new stuff.

The way i’ve worked in the past was a continual process of playing “catchup” with older creations , trying to drag them up-to-date with new knowledge and techniques , and i’ve just decided to , for the most part , ditch hundreds of old half-finished tracks and start completely from scratch , with new ideas and techniques. I think my style seems to be changing  , becoming more kinda dynamic and entertaining , rather than the internal meanderings  of old. I’m not saying i’m gonna become a dubstep artist , but the sounds within the dubstep genre , and the complextro genre have definitely made me look at sound in a whole new way. I mean , i’ve never been one to shy away from using unexpected combinations of sound in random ways , but the things i’ve heard recently have compelled me to try and raise my game a bit more. That , coupled with my new studio arrangement and new domestic environment , all combine in something fresh and new , so the emphasis is on NEW really. New sound , new methods , new inspiration.

I also just got myself a guitar. I’m not expecting to be playing it with my teeth and laying down licks anytime soon though , as i’m learning from scratch. Got the mic set up on a stand at last , so there may be more vocal stuff too , now that my voice seems to be returning to normal after ending 25 oblivious years of smoking.

In a nutshell , expect good things. I haven’t left the planet……………just regrouping and planning to release some new material in the next week or two.

Keep track by following me at www.soundcloud.com/2ndMOUSE

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