One In A Million


You may have read here lately about my plans to release new material with Bubblectro Records , and that is still very much the case , but instead of releasing just one track , I thought I’d go the whole hog and release an EP.

It’s been a few months since “Expert Tiger , Mediocre Troll” was released and , as I mentioned in an earlier post , my entire domestic and music production environment has changed as I relocated about 50 miles away.

It’s taken a while for my ears to adjust to the new accoustics , and feel settled and  rooted , and now i’m getting back into my stride……………… home , new label , new EP , new year……………so , the name of the EP will be NEO , which is a greek prefix , meaning new. It seems very apt right now , and although I love ” the matrix ” , the name is nothing to do with that movie.

One track on the EP that I’m especially pleased with is ” One In A Million ” , and I’ll explain why……………

I’ve always been into my synths. It sounds ridiculous to me now , but before I could afford to buy one , and was still at school , I used to draw meticulous recreations of Sequential Circuits Prophet 5’s and Korg Poly 800’s etc …….and I knew all about VCFs , OSCs and LFOs long before I ever touched one. I only listened to music with Synths in it , because I equated my parents’ music as traditional , and a bit lame. Synths were so new then.

I’ve now come to realise , via resampling , the totality and universality of sound………….as a whole thing , and I try as much as I can , to work amongst any and every genre if it lends something to a track , and I embrace ALL  sound , and welcome every genre as they all have something to teach me.

I’ve reached the point where I want , as much as possible , to be able to take the credit for everything in my work.  Some things , like vocals , I can’t always do because my singing voice isn’t brilliant , but , every note you hear in a 2ndMOUSE track has been meticulously programmed , or played , and about 90 – 95% of the beats you hear have also been hand-built using oneshots and broken down multi-loops.

So , I bought my first electric guitar , and this is the very first track on which I’ve ever committed my guitar playing ” to tape ” as it were , and , regardless of the fact that I probably can’t play guitar for toffee ( my fingers haven’t bled like Bryan Adams said they would ) , I think i’ve done a very good job of disguising that fact.

( Next on the wishlist will be Tablas and ethnic hand percussion , which I can actually play , and have played live before , and you can pick up for a song these days…..literally. )

Along with the guitar on the track , is a ” virtual ” Soprano , singing a very ethereal lead vocal ( no words , as I like to leave the meaning up to the listener )  , along with the warm pads and jittery rhythmic convulsions and edgey , almost industrial beats I’m probably best known for.

I’m fairly certain this will be a four track EP. Two tracks are already finished ,  and the 3rd and 4th are almost done , and , It will be a FREE release on Bubblectro Records before Christmas.

Please feel free to subscribe to this Blog , so you don’t miss this , or any other future 2ndMOUSE releases.

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