FL Studio


Just what D.A.W. does 2ndMOUSE use ?

FL studio 10

I believe it’s the most instinctual , intuitive DAW out there.

I’ve tried Logic , Cubase , Reason , Reaper , Sonar , Podium , Ableton and various trackers such as renoise , Psycle etc…..and I’ve found FL studio to be the best for me.

If music is a question……FL studio , for me , is the closest thing to an answer..


Yes , it has gained something of a reputation for being a bit “cheap” sounding , but I would counter this accusation by saying that maybe because it is so intuitive and accessible , it attracts many beginners , who produce less than quality output.

My experiences with FL studio are those of needing to express something , opening up FL , auditioning sounds in the browser instantly , right-click , BANG ! straight into a piano roll which I can arrange till my hearts content , for hours if I need to. Creating beats can be done in mere minutes , with as much intricacy as I can imagine.

In short….I need my inspiration to get from my mind and onto the screen as quickly as possible , before the inspiration is gone again , and as any musician knows , inspiration can be fleeting , like holding cupped hands full of water and watching it trickle through your fingers. They say the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line , and for me FL studio is that no-nonsense bridge I need.

I can get the skeleton of a track down in usually 30 to 60 minutes , and then i can spend days , weeks , months or as long as I want , putting on muscle , skin , ligaments etc……

Aside from the huge amount of included innovative features , one of the major appeals to the program is the fact that I get free updates for life. Every time a new version comes out , I get it for free !!!!

How many other music software manufacturers are doing this ?

When was the last time Steinberg gave away a fully functional version for free ?

I can’t see me ever changing to another DAW. Ableton is maybe the only one that would tempt me , but with performance mode coming in FL studio 11 , maybe FL will start to regain the territory they lost to ableton , when they released the very capable Ableton Live , which , I never really took to , due to it feeling so squashed and cramped.

I’m also in good company , with some other power users being Mike Oldfield , Matthew Dear , Wisp , Deadmau5 etc…….

Anyway , I’ll hopefully be talking more about FL studio , and sharing stuff in the near future , as time permits , but right now my dog needs a walk.


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