An Armful Of Opposite Lock ( revisited )

I released ” An Armful Of Opposite Lock “ a few years ago on the now defunct SampleOak Records Label . The album was then unavailable , and I shelved it . I’d also had a long time to live with the album and once the initial novelty of having a release online had faded , I realised there were a huge amount of improvements that I could do.

I could have revisited it a few years ago , but I was on a mission to get some genuinely representative material out , so it would’ve been the wrong time to get immersed in that project.

Now however , would seem to be the right time.

Started work on doing a remix of the whole album a few nights ago and it’s going really well. There was a track at the very end of the original release called ” The Earth Is An Atom “ which was only a reprise . When I released it originally , I instantly wanted to alter it but it was too late. It was only a minute and a half long , but i’ve now added some of the finest , subtlest , piano work i’ve ever done , and some beatwork I love. I’d go as far as saying it’s now one of my very best tracks and i’m so tempted to put it on soundcloud as i’m very excited about it. Maybe a short sample ??

I’ll post more updates as and when they happen…….



New sampler track ” Fathom ” , taken from the new 2ndMOUSE album ” NEO “.

I’d describe it as reminiscent of the obscure Vangelis track ” la petite fille de la mer “ mixed with  swung , broken-beat rhythms similar to the work of Luke Vibert.

Fathom has one of those simple melodies that are so simple that it’s surprising it hasn’t been done before. Once heard , easily remembered………..this is what I try to do with electronic music , as the melody is the part that will be remembered , rather than how sync’d the LFO was  or any other ephemeral / pretentious  concerns.

Anyway , hope you enjoy the track

Feel free to have a listen. Comments welcome



New 2ndMOUSE Album ” NEO ” released today

It’s been a while since I released my last 18 track behemoth ” Expert Tiger , Mediocre Troll ” and I’d had some major life changes like getting married , starting work again , moving 100 miles away etc…..and i’d just been quietly tinkering away on tracks that were gonna be part of a 4 or 5 track E.P. with a release around march 2012.

I kept on making tracks and wasn’t content to just release an E.P. and ” NEO ” kinda became an album.
More chilled out than my last releases. Maybe this is a process of the dust finally starting to settle down , and life getting back to something that resembles normality a bit more , but anyway….enough waffling from me ….here it is , with full previews at this link.

NEO ep is now the NEO “album”

I had originally intended “NEO” to be only a 4 or 5 track EP , but as my self-imposed deadlines were passed , I realised I was just making more and more tracks and the EP has grown into an album.

Much more of a normal standard length album than the previous 18 track behemoth “Expert Tiger , Mediocre Troll” was , and probably sounding a lot warmer and more organic too. I think this may be a putting an end to playing “live” , and also , maybe I’ve mellowed a bit since getting married in April 2012.

So , this is just a heads-up to say that my procrastinations are over , and I should have the new 10 track album released online via Bandcamp before the 16th July , for the modest sum of £4. It was the intention to release it as a free 4 , or 5 track EP , but as its grown in both size and complexity , I opted for a modest price.