“Touched” album ( update )


When I was first approached to release my track “Celeste” on this charity album , I didn’t have to think about it at all , and immediately jumped at the chance. If you know me at all , you would know that Bob Geldof is a personal hero of mine , and I really admire what He achieved in bringing relief to Ethiopia with Live Aid , and when I think about it……..about how one small thought , one little spark of electricity firing up in one mans mind , and then I think how far that one little spark reached , it really makes you think about what we can achieve when we really make the effort. One pebble , but the ripples spread far and wide.

You could also think of it in terms of a seed. One tiny mustard seed , the size of a grain of sand , grows to become a massive tree with its own ecosystem , and a universe of tiny creatures all living together , symbiotically , because of this one tiny seed.

Since reworking my track , which I had to do , as it was old to me , I’ve seen this thing grow and grow , and those ripples are spreading far , far beyond the confines of that very first  initial “spark” , and I’m not only stunned to find myself on this , but also extremely proud of the joint effort by everyone involved , when I see this taking shape , and see more artists get onboard to give it real momentum and klout.

as if the line-up were not already amazing , it was announced yesterday that The Future Sound Of London would be contributing a track !!

Long before I discovered Plaid , Aphex Twin , Juan Atkins , Derrick May etc…..I was completely amazed by a record that appeared out of nowhere in 1988 called “Humanoid” by an unknown artist who went by the name Stakker Humanoid , and when I heard the “snowman mix” of that track , I was stunned. The video was light years ahead of anything else done around that time , and the track was unbelievable. The fact that the mysterious  dancing girl in the video was beautiful , certainly helped to cement the track in my mind =)

Click here for the Stakker Humanoid Video

Then , after a few more singles such as “slam “, “The Deep” etc…., messrs Brian Dougans and Garry Cobain disappeared ( or so I thought….) for a few years , emerging in 1991 as The Future Sound of London , with a few albums such as Accelerator , Lifeforms , Dead Cities , and an incredible single ” Papa , New Guinea ” , which reached No.22 in the UK singles chart.

Click here for Future Sound Of London – ” Papa , New Guinea “

They have reprised their roles as Humanoid throughout the years but mainly record as “Amorphous Androgynous” now , and have remixed everyone from Paul Weller and Brian Ferry , to Jon Anderson , Apollo 440 and the Stereo MCs

So…….to sum up.

To appear alongside The Future Sound Of London on this album , along with other leading names in cutting edge electronic music , such as Plaid , Funckarma , Arovane and about 100 others , is , not only the realization of a dream that I would never , even in my wildest imaginings , have ever thought possible , but it is also testament to the power behind one single solitary thought , and the distance it can travel , the lives it can ” touch ” along the way.

My question to you reading this now is , what thought are you holding in your mind ? What pebble are you holding in your hand ? What are you burdened for ? If you put that thought into action , who knows how far it woll reach………

Please , visit the Touched page. Help this thought create ripples that spread far and wide. Like the page , but more importantly , share the page to your friends. Even if you are not personally interested , your friends may be , and their friends , and their friends.

who knows what this can achieve , with YOUR help

Touched – Music for Macmillan Cancer Relief Facebook Page

One response to ““Touched” album ( update )

  1. Really looking forward to this, and to hearing your track, and in particular the TFSoL, Arovane, and emptywhale tracks. Actually, just all of it really. Top cause too.

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