Ballad For Robots ( Tin Man Mix )

2ndmouse+balladforrobots cover

I released Ballad For Robots a few years back , and its been one of my personal favourites , as it typifies and encapsulates the sound I always wanted to achieve , and was my “goal” sound. In saying that , it was never quite on target , and I always knew more could be done with it , in terms of drawing the melody out more , so its been something of an “itch” that I needed to scratch.

It was inspired by the video that accompanied “All is full of love” by Bjork , who I regard as an incredibly unique and inimitable talent. The idea behind it was one of how our attitudes to robots will change as they become more and more advanced. Today they may be little more than dustbins on wheels , but what of the future ? At the rate that technology is currently progressing , the question of A.I. will undoubtedly arise. How will we define it ? As mankind strives to make automaton in his image , how will society adapt to it ?………apprehension……fear……? And will there ever come a point where these automatons  become self-aware , or even be afforded rights ? If they are programmed with human characteristics and capabilities , will they become autonomous , and have needs such as we do ?

I know it all sounds nerdy , but these questions will undoubtedly arise , and at the current rate of change , possibly in our lifetimes. That said , I’m still patiently waiting for my own personal jetpack that Tomorrows world promised me I would be scuttling around on in the year 2000.

I’ve always had a desire to fuse deep emotive music with unique electronic sounds and I’ve had an innate kinda magnetic gravitation to these contrasts since hearing “The Model” by Kraftwerk  many years ago , followed by the industrialism of Depeche Mode using hammers on anvils as snares , and finally the Hi Tech Soul of Detroit Techno artists such as Juan Atkins , Derrick May , Blake Baxter , and Carl Craig which was the ultimate marriage of soul and machine , making new permutations and juxtapositions possible.

This new mix sees a lot of new revisions , and represents a more complete model of what I originally tried to convey the first time around , but was restrained from due to my lack of technical experience in some areas. I thought the track was too good to go to waste , so I’ve chipped away at it and mined it for gold. I’ll fully release it at some point after I add a few more bells and whistles and get the mix just right , but its almost there as it stands.

Listen to Ballad For Robots ( Tin Man Mix )

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