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Below ,  are the albums i’ve released.
The higher up they are , the more recent they are.


Communique ( FREE album download )

Sparrow Island


Expert Tiger, Mediocre Troll

AURORA ( on Juno )

2ndMOUSE Archive Volume 1 ( 55 Tracks — FREE Download )

2ndMOUSE Archive Volume 2 ( 44 Tracks — £2 )

2ndMOUSE Archive Volume 3 ( 46 Tracks — £2 )

Levite ( FREE Download )

Full of Earth And Stars ( FREE Download )

An Armful of opposite Lock

And now go watch the film ( free download )

Quiet Storm ( free download )

Compilations and 2ndMOUSE Remixes

Sectioned 4.0 ( 101 tracks )

Touched Volume 1 ( All proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Relief )

Northcape – Clear Moment ( The Remixes )

Emergence #1 ( Various Artists ) FREE download

FSOR volume 1 ( various artists ) FREE download

4 responses to “M U S I C

  1. As a radio broadcaster of electronic music since 1984, 2nd Mouse is an absolute must for the IDM/glitch enthusiast. His IDM style explodes with tightly creative glitches and is peppered with sweet rhythms. Chris is on the forefront of this genre. The name is also very appropriate; anyone who’s seen a mouse in action can appreciate its lightning-fast reflexes and agility.

    Medium-paced melodies and high energy tracks reflect his intricate yet powerfully diverse compositional ability.
    Sampled vocal pieces which are tightly woven into the music are another example of the 4th dimensional creativity of this netsician (internet musician).

    Rather then me going on any more – just listen to 2nd Mouse…and get his music!

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