images-26Every so often , a band or an artist crosses my path who have an extraordinary quality , and their music really resonates with me. Sometimes it’ll just be one track. Other times it’ll be a few tracks , but its a rare thing to find , in this case , a band , or to be precise , a duo , who make some of the most stunning electronic music I’ve heard in years , and on a consistent basis.

I’m talking about Funckarma , otherwise known as brothers Roel and Don Funcken.

What they do is truly exceptional , in that they make a broad eclectic and very original brand of electronica that will amaze you with its complexity , and make your jaw hit the floor with beats that sound solid like a panzer tank….robust and incased in kevlar , with the most ear-boggling groove that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

True artists are multi-dimensional , never able to sit still because they bleed creativity, and its what powers them and motivates them , whether its working on multiple projects of their own , or collabs with a diverse array of other artists , or photography , or artwork.

These guys never seem to stop. Not only does their music sound sonically astonishing ( I thought I was getting somewhere until I heard Funckarma , and I was stunned at the quality ) , but they seem to do it effortlessly , and are some of the most prolific artists out there.

If you haven’t yet heard Funckarma , and you have an interest in electronic music , you are seriously missing out , and I would strongly  urge you to check out what they do. You won’t be disappointed.

Fasten your seatbelt

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2ndMOUSE has been selected for inclusion on Earbits Radio.

“What is Earbits ? ” , I hear you say……

Well , Earbits… commercial-free online radio for top independent music.

Its high quality streaming of great music without any of the interruptions , with links to artist albums , bio , website etc…..

Its good.
I wouldn’t have approached it otherwise.


To hear 2ndMOUSE on Earbits , click HERE

Song a day for a year

Today I worked on a track called ” etherdrive ” , for a project called ” Song a day for a year ( SADFAY ) ” by a musician called Martin Byrne.

Basically , it involved laying down a very rough track from scratch , without any premeditated work done on it. I found it interesting , and kinda cathartic to work like this , but , I found it difficult letting go of it as I realised there wasn’t enough time to get everything sounding just the way I would’ve liked. It was a bit like working to a brief , as the time element was paramount and the emphasis was on speed.

No cowbell !!

Martin has collaborated with a whole host of people in the course of the year in question, and with such notables as Duke Special.

I have no idea what to expect from the track I sent as Maartin Byrne is a very experimental artist and likes to work cross-genre , as do I.

Martin has no plans to quit with a sigh of relief once the year is completed , and already has ideas about doing a song a week , next year.

I’ll be sure to link to the end result once I hear it , but if you’re interested in Martins’ song a day for a year project , you can read more here

Aniline – Pixelated Orchestra

I can’t say for certain where I met Alex and Flo , the French duo from Notre Dame , France , who make some of the finest electronica I’ve heard in recent years. It just feels like I’ve always known them , and we enjoy a mutual enjoyment of each others’ music , so it was a very nice surprise when an airmailed jiffy envelope was shunted through my letterbox this morning , and i opened it to discover ” Pixelated Orchestra ” by Aniline .

In my brief career as a commis chef , i learned one thing that has stuck in my mind for years , and this is

” The first bite is with the eye “

If a meal looks like something you’ve  regurgitated after 3 bungee jumps , a course of laxatives and an afternoon on the trampoline , its not gonna appeal to the appetite either , so , aesthetics are important and akin to that other saying

” you never get a second chance to make a first impression “

All of this appreciation of aesthetics was fully realised when i opened the envelope and my eyes fell on the CD artwork. It almost has the aroma of coffee and the organic earthiness of a handful of soil , or the richness of liquid chocolate flowing and undulating in a jar of petrol illuminated by rays from  the sun.

This is also how I would describe the music. It is a very rare thing for me to find electronic music that I can really praise , as I find the net is oversaturated with a lot of half-assed ideas masquerading as music , when really , all they contain is a 3 note bass riff and collection of uninspiring noises glued together with a serious lack of imagination. It is when you listen to an album like ” Pixelated Orchestra ” that you realise that music isn’t something that just anyone can do. It takes imagination , and it takes the ability to dig deep within and visualize the end result before you’ve even begun , knowing that by the end you’ll have created something that has never existed before.

Given that there are millions , possibly even billions of music tracks on the planet , Aniline  have made something very distinctive , unique , and at times , intoxicatingly beautiful.  It has the delicate intricacy of a spiderweb in the rain , yet the strength of a panzer tank encased in kevlar , and it drips with ingenuity and imagination. There are more ideas in one track than some artists have on a whole album , or in their whole career.


Argile 01:36
Turquoise 04:47
Brunswick 04:42
Carbone 05:45
Ivoire 03:08
Écarlate 05:55
Safre 02:11
Caramel 04:25
Prune 04:46
Zinzolin 04:29
Nacarat 04:20
Aurore 03:44
Ébène 02:33

If you consider yourself to be a connisseur of electronic music ,

this album is a MUST OWN.

Seriously , go buy this rare gem.


Aniline ———- Pixellated Orchestra


Click here for another review of the album on Cyclic Defrost

expanded horizons

I’m pleased to announce that 2ndMOUSE will be making a track especially for Grappa-Frisbee Records in the next few weeks. They kindly approached me and asked if i’d be interested in doing a track for a sampler they were putting together , so i had a look , liked their sound and the cut of their jib , and , i’m pleased to say that one of the 34 tracks i’m currently / simultaneously working on , will be winging its way to them in the next few weeks.

They are fresh , optimistic , and seemingly as zealous as I am , so it smells of win / win to me.

Tracks i’m currently working on are ………….. Amoeba ,Conquered , Uppity , Feeling the need , Grace , I’ve been observing , Mind of Rewind , Monican , Ruins of Philea , Sentinel , Tuh , Tiny dynamite implode , The core , Carbon-based , Aquamarine , Celeste , Eminora ,  Give my regards to s.p.e.c.t.r.e. , and a track i’m very excited about called The long walk home , which I made with the invaluable help of 2 great friends , Big AL and Jonty.

Tracks already previewed as beta versions will be given an overhaul also , so as well , as those above which haven’t been heard yet , the following tracks will be mixed properly into final versions.

Hidden in plain sight , El torino , domino , fleshtone , Light years away from home , and , for those with a good memory , a brand new version of Hyperglide.

The Grappa-Frisbee track will be one of these 34 , but as yet , I have no idea which one as I like all of them at the present time. I may have to just put the names into a hat and pick one………..but how will I decide  which hat to  choo se ? ……….

So , if I seem a little quiet , its only because i’ll be sitting in a studio somewhere , working on every single one of those tracks simultaneously…………..along with whatever new ideas emerge as offshoots / side projects.

In the meantime ,  get acquainted with my new friends over at Grappa-Frisbee Records . They got a lot of free releases that are sure to interest even the most demanding electronica connisseur



Fwonk*s celebrating its fiftieth release in a big way with their  biggest ever compilation, full of new, rare and unreleased tracks by members (old and new) of the forum. Then, as if that were not enough they present four exclusive mixes representing the cream of Fwonk*s output, mixed by Heskin Radiophonic, Total Cult, Vasko The Pig and Katarrhaktes. In total we present nearly six full hours of music for your listening pleasure, and to top it all off, they present a stylish CD booklet in PDF format.

01 Ytrebygda Flyveklubb Gaa Med Gud
02 Katarrhaktes The Solipsist’s nightmare
03 Bachelor Machines Fatal Error
04 Kobra Audio Labs Lee Marvin (extended mix)
05 Robin Smith All Along The Watchtower (bachelor machines remix)
06 The Ambient Society Day Out Of Time
07 2ndMouse Agent Brimstone
08 Vasko The Pig ELTEE
09 Stratosonics Attack, Monster Kabuki, Attack!
10 Gross Prophet Cause Of Death
11 Turtuga Blanku Guitar Electronics
12 Limb-Bow Before The Flood
13 Hectic Raygun
14 Styli Out Of Nowhere (vasko the pig remix)
15 Kobra Audio Labs Coke Oven (totalcult remix)
16 we are not broken Bodies
17 Venona Pers Lost Souls (echosonic remix)
18 themuru blah
19 Organic Shift Man Diddly Cortex
20 Fudgedubnofunk Twonk
21 Sa’ad Noises
22 Quiggers 32Hex, It’s That Damn Number Again!
23 tOtALcuLt If I Had A Mind
24 Per Swim
25 2ndMouse Lost In Translation
26 Limb-Bow Can’t Find My Dog
27 The Ambient Society Phantasm
28 Kobra Audio Labs American Teeth (dumb hero drone)
29 Heskin Radiophonic Leather Adrenalin
30 3timesnothing Light From Long Dead Stars


Download from :


or preview  tracks , AND download from



Northcape — Clear Moment ( The remixes )


The wait is over , and the Northcape Remix EP I’ve been excited about is finally released today.

As you can see ,  my interpretation / mix is on there , and yeah , obviously I’m keen to let people know , BUT , Its just a great release in its entirety and has not only a great diversity in the variety of sound , and the angles that Northcapes original track has been approached from  , but it also has such a great flow. Its the first such collaboration / compilation I’ve been involved in , and is the first serious attempt at a remix that I’ve done , and I would never have considered approaching Northcape about remixing the track if it wasn’t such an incredible track to begin with.

Anyway…… it is………


1. Northcape — Clear moment ( Metaphysical mix by 2ndMOUSE )

2. Northcape — Clear moment ( Zeropage mix )

3. Northcape — Clear moment ( Autorotation remix )

4. Northcape — Clear moment ( Emorej remix )

5. Northcape — Clear Moment ( Eyes Cat Down mix )

7. Northcape — Clear Moment ( Absorb Fish remix )

seven radically different approaches to a very sublime and very special track. Expect a high quality release with some stunning and very evocative atmospheres.

You can listen to the tracks and also get the FREE download , here