In an age of aggressive atheism , I’ll start by saying I make no apologies for my beliefs . I am a born-again Christian.  I’m also FAR  from perfect . Paul the Apostle said ” Christ came to save sinners , of which I am chief “. Christ Himself said ” I have come to save that which was lost “.

like the rolling stones , I found myself thinking ” I can’t get no satisfaction ” and i felt restless , craving for something else . I always had a nagging itch that I couldn’t scratch .  Jesus Christ didn’t come to save perfect  holy people , so that’s cool with me.

I have discovered that life begins when you realise life is not centred around self. Society is constantly bleating about self-defence , self-confidence , self-improvement , self-reliance , self-awareness , self-promotion , self-esteem , and then we wonder why people are selfish  =/

When John the Baptist seen Jesus , He said “He must increase , but I must decrease ” and Paul the apostle said ” It is no longer I that live , but Christ that lives in me”

I am second.

Not just  in name , but also in ideology.

This testimony from the ex frontman of Korn says it very well.

The whole point of salvation is that God loves us so much , that He physically came , lived a perfect life among us , and ultimately died for us . He paid the price for our collective failure ,

You may ask me how I can be so sure about all this. Well…….it’s not hard for me to believe when I look at the universe , or when I look at our world hanging there in thin air. Voyager just left our solar system after something like 30 years. Travelling at that speed , it would take Voyager 100,000 years to reach the NEAREST star. Consider then that there are hundreds of millions of stars and you will see my point. How can man , with his puny brain , even begin to understand the majesty , immensity or the  complexity of the universe when we haven’t even been to the bottom of some of our oceans yet , and no matter how self-developed we like to think we are as a species , war and corruption still permeates our history like a cancer , and we value a person by how much money ( simple paper from a tree ) they have , or what credit score they have , or other superficial things .  How could we ever think we could understand the complexities of a super-intelligent omnipotent God ??

” There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio , than are dreamt of in your philosophy “

As a Christian,  I seek to glorify God who put his breath in my lungs , because , He is No.1 ,  and  He knows a lot more about this  ” life ” thing than I do. I believe God is a good God. I don’t have all the answers ,, and I’m not required to know everything. That’s His job , not mine.

# # #

Imagine , how much you would need to love someone to do this……..

” Even before His crucifiction , the son of God ( Jesus Christ ) was stripped naked , beaten until almost unrecognizable , whipped , scorned and mocked , spat on , , crowned with thorns , abused and riciculed by heartless men and treated worse than an animal. Then , nearly unconscious from blood loss , he was forced to drag a cross of solid wood up a hill , was nailed to it , and left to die the slowest , most excruciating death while hecklers stood by and shouted insults. “

Jesus could have saved himself , but then he could not have saved YOU.
Jesus gave up everything so you could have everything.

The “gospel” , is that God loves you.

” God so loved the world ( YOU ), that He gave His only begotten Son , that whoever believes in Him , should not perish , but should have eternal life ” ( John 3:16 )

something to think about.

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