Dysfunctional Blue

local-colour1Its been a while since I’ve posted anything here. My apologies , but life has got a lot busier , with a lot of tail-chasing going on. It wouldn’t be a problem normally but I’ve been dogged with very strange and ongoing symptoms of muscle fatigue , most notably , the huge trapezius muscle in the upper back.

So after an exasperating week ( I wont bore you with the details ) , I wentinto the studio with the intention of not coming back out of it again until I’d hammered something out. It was the musical equivalent of going into the basement and knocking 7 bells out of a punchbag.

Sometimes , even though you’re surrounded with a plethora of synthesizers and sounds of infinite variety , only a piano will do , and not just any piano as it has to be a grand piano , so , there I was……..2am , headphones on , lots of reverb on the piano , and I just started feeling my way around the keys with no preconceived ideas of making anything , and I stumbled on the opening 4 note chord , probably a diminished somethin.

I played the chord over and over again , very loosely , not worrying about the timing , just concentrating on transmitting something through my fingers to the keys. Its something I’ve been experimenting with lately ; playing things naturally and not quantizing the soul out of them , and I think there’s a lot more warmthin an actual performance  , rather than fixing it all with rigid quantizing so it becomes airtight.

So , I recorded the chords , then started improvising and overdubbing over the top with some high piano , again , not worrying too much about the timing .

By this stage I knewit was headed in a jazz direction , but once I had the beats in place , I knew I could open it out further. Once I added the deep electronic kick with what I can only describe as a deep , sub , “thrum” sound , I knew where I was going with it and just auditioned many various sounds and built up the layers , and then found the Martin Luther King sample that I’ve wanted to use for ages , on account of the potency in the mans conviction.

Once I got that down , and the eventual crescendo leading into the quiet outro / resolution I thought I’d turned a corner in my songwriting. I say songwriting because it felt more like a song than a track , due to the performance  , and it felt more real , personal , as opposed to clicking in notes with a mouse , and I hope to come at the process from this kinda angle much more in the future.

I uploaded a small 1 minute sectioin called ‘ elastic band ‘ , of which the levels were all wrong due to listening in the closed environment of headphones . I joked that I was trying to out-orb The Orb , and it got a ton of plays on soundcloud for some reason im not that sure of , but the following day I finished it and renamed it ” Dysfunctional Blue ” I thought I’d dirty up the outro with some vinyl crackles  to make it sound like authentic “rare groove ” , so I sliced the crackles and rearranged them into a microbeat.

The last thing was the dubstep style bass , but if you know me , you know I’ll do things my own way.

Instruments used were

1. Maestro concert grand

2. Linplug freealpha

3. Krakli software Richman CM

All put together in  FL studio 11 by Imageline

You can hear the final result here …..