New Archive Link on the site



Just a quick post to draw attention to the fact that the 2ndMOUSE Archive ( 200+ free tracks ) is now available from my site directly.

Just go to the menu bar along the top and there you’ll see the new page ” Archive “. It will be continually updated with other free tracks , unreleased and exclusive.

I even plan to upload preset packs and soundpacks that you can use in your own creations , so in theory there should be something new each time you check the Archive.


New track called ” Omega ”

Nice mixture of Detroit Techno and IDM , with an absolutely relentless beat throughout , mixed with rich soundtrack pads , interspersed with my usual melodic gymnastics. The original working title was ” Doc Ock ” as it was the first thing that came into my head at the time , but I changed it to Omega on the last draft.

This isn’t the final version as there are still some tweaks to be made. Just wanted to upload something to show I’m not sitting on my hands.

This is a small cross-section of Omega’s track arrangement screen. More complex than it sounds , but still quite serene compared with others I’ve made. Click on the picture to enlarge it .

As you can see , I’ve skinned FL Studio.

2ndMOUSE —– Decade ( 10 years of edm / idm — FREE )


artwork : metaForma ( )


There’s no catch.


just 27 ( TWENTY SEVEN !!! ) tracks that i’ve made over the space of 10 years that i’m giving away free.

yes……FR££ !!

Click one button and they’re on your machine.

To me , this album is a seed , and I just want to plant ” 2ndMOUSE ” in your mind , so you’re aware of me when i release more in the future…………such as my new NEO ep , which will be released imminently.

That is all.

Even if you’re already familiar with what I do , there are still a few new and unreleased tracks on here.

There’s even a nice shiny PDF booklet to accompany it

Click Here to Download 2ndMOUSE – “Decade”