“ETMT” now also on Bandcamp

My last album ” Expert Tiger , Mediocre Troll “ , which was No.1 in the juno download chart last year , is now available on Bandcamp , either to stream ( in its entirety ) , or buy for the modest sum of £7.

2ndmouse — expert-tiger-mediocre-troll

18 tracks of experimental electronica with many diverse styles from detroit techno and IDM , to Dub and chill and everything in-between.

You can also read a full review of the album there , by Jazzyspoon.

2ndMOUSE —– Decade ( 10 years of edm / idm — FREE )


artwork : metaForma ( http://www.behance.net/metaFORMA )


There’s no catch.


just 27 ( TWENTY SEVEN !!! ) tracks that i’ve made over the space of 10 years that i’m giving away free.

yes……FR££ !!

Click one button and they’re on your machine.

To me , this album is a seed , and I just want to plant ” 2ndMOUSE ” in your mind , so you’re aware of me when i release more in the future…………such as my new NEO ep , which will be released imminently.

That is all.

Even if you’re already familiar with what I do , there are still a few new and unreleased tracks on here.

There’s even a nice shiny PDF booklet to accompany it

Click Here to Download 2ndMOUSE – “Decade”